7 am

wake up easy


Your house wakes before you

Before your alarm ever goes off, your house begins the day by warming up, making the coffee, and opening the curtains so the sun can begin to shine in.

8 am

When it's time to go

Speed up your routine

Leaving the house has never been easier. Turn the lights off, turn the heat down, lock the doors, and set the alarms. All at the tap of a button.


12 pm

Take the hassle out of home security


allow access even when you aren't there

Allow guests or delivery services to access your garage and close it up as soon as they are done. Verify it's closed and secure all from another location.

6 pm

time to relax

set the mood and enjoy

When it's time to have company simply turn on your dinner party scene. Let your home set the lighting, and cue the perfect playlist. Now just enjoy the evening.


10 pm




It's late and you are ready for bed. Let your home end the day by locking the doors, turning off all the extra lights, and setting the perfect sleeping temperature.


Let's turn your home
into a smart home

Contact us today, and have one of home automation consultants help find the best option for your home.