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Centralized controls for lighting, temperature, and more for your home — all from our intuitive app. We make it easy for you to interact with your home, even when you aren't there.

Have the coolest house on the block with integrated home audio and video.

Get home audio you can feel in your chest and video that jumps off the screen. Our systems can take your home theater to the next level.

Get peace of mind with an alarm and security system you can trust.

Protect your family, your home, and your valuable assets. Safety is the most important thing to think about when looking at alarms and home security systems.


    "Having a security system in my home helps me feel at peace when my husband works late and I'm home alone with the kids. Jake, the technician, was very professional and answered all my questions."

    -Kim G


    "I have loved having my alarm. My favorite thing is that you can hear when my two-year-old sneaks out the front door because it chimes. I have not regretted working with Magic Valley Alarm."

    -Julie V


    "I love our new alarm system! I am amazed how much better I sleep at night because I don't wake up and listen for sounds and wonder if someone is in the house. It is especially comforting when my husband is gone. It is so easy to use. I get an immediate notice to my phone if the alarm goes off. The sales and installation guys were so great. It is very affordable and the peace of mind is well worth every cent. I will never have a house without this again!"

    -Karen M

Our Home Automation Services

At Magic Valley Alarm our goal is to provide Twin Falls, Idaho, and the surrounding areas with a top-notch, secure, and high-quality alarm systems. Whether you are looking for smoke detectors, alarm systems, or even installation services for your home audio system, Magic Valley Alarm is here to help. Our home technology can help you customize your home security, automation, and entertainment systems. We carry a wide variety of products including; alarms, security systems, smoke detectors, sound systems, and more. Make your home your retreat with a fully customized theater or sound system. Have peace of mind and stay stress-free in your home with your full home security system.